Interactive flower generator showcased at the Designers Night 12 exhibition

Generative Design & Programming

Designers Night 12 Exhibition

For this event my student colleague Kati-Ann and I set ourselves the challenge to create an enjoyable interactive installation for the visitors. We wanted to use generative design approaches and ended up building a program that could generate endless amounts of flowers. Visitors could influence the output by typing a personal message and print out the result on a postcard.


generated flower from the sproutput algorithm
Visitors interacting with the spoutput stand at the designers night 12 exhibition
Sproutput postcard with the text: "Designers Night"
Sproutput postcard with the text: "1x geiles leben fΓΌr alle"
Poster for the sproutput installation at the Werkschau exhibition
computer screen showing the generated flower
Video of different generated flowers on a computer screen
generated Flower from the sproutput program
Sproutput postcard showing a generated flower with the text: "Los Blume, wachs schon man"
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Making flowers for people to enjoy

The project was a huge success! Over a hundred people visited our installation, generated hundreds of flowers and printed out around 100 postcards. It was great to see excited visitors try out the different inputs and print out their very own postcard.

The project was showcased once more at a second Exhibition called "Werkschau" where it was received very well again.


Vistor enjoying the sproutput installation at the Designers Night 12 exhibition