Who is Samuel?

About Me:

A picture of Samuel von Tucher laughing while talking a walk.
When I'm not designing I love to go for walks with Friends.

Open minded

Hi I'm Samuel, a creative Designer and Developer based in Bonn, Germany. I love to create beautiful and fun interactive experiences but also have an interest in AI, machine learning, typography, UX&UI design and graphic design.

Always Learning

From the start of my studies at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology I not only had an interest in Design but also in Technology and programming. In the first semester I taught myself to code and built my first websites. This started a journey of exciting projects and explorations in the space of creative coding and generative design.

New ExpEriences

In September of 2019 I interned at the coperate design agency "Format Design" in Hamburg. Next to other smaller projects I worked on an augmented reality calendar and won two design awards with it. Starting out in this new field was challenging but also very rewarding.

Currently I'm experimenting with AI and how designers can use it to their advantage. I'm fascinated by generative design and art and I'm always trying out new methods and creating new artwork and interactive experiences.