Reset 2020 AR Calendar

Award winning augmented reality calendar

Digital Design & AR Developement

A calendar that lasts forever

During my internship at the corporate and packaging design agency Format Design we were challenged to create a unique calendar. Together with the printing company Reset St. Pauli, we designed a calendar that could be used forever. It was augmented with an interactive app that brings the calendar to another dimension. Using augmented reality, the app can show animations and colors that wouldn't be possible in print.

Cover of the Reset 2020 AR Calendar
Page 4 of the AR Calendar with the augmented reality effect
All 12 Pages of the Reset 2020 AR Calendar
Animated AR effect of the page for August
Many pages of the Calendar scattered on top of each other
closup of the augmented reality effect for November
page 5 of the augmented reality calendar with the ar effect and without next to each other
gregor award silver for the reset 2020 ar calendar
Augmented reality effect of page 8
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Design Awards

The augmented reality aspect managed to bring something fresh and innovative to the calendar space, which was recognized by two design awards. The Gregor Calendar Award 2020 Silver and an award from the ADC Competition.