Creative January

A creative challenge started by a fellow student and me

Graphic Design & Creative Coding

Design Something Every Day

Together with my fellow student Judith, I initiated a creative challenge to design something every day for 30 days. We wanted to push ourselves to create something, even if we didn't have much time or motivation to do it. Each of us picked a topic or medium that would define our designs.

grid of 16 posters of my challenge
Poster of the day
Poster from day eight hanging on a glass door
Poster from day 12
Poster from day six with the text "YEAH"
Poster from day 26 hanging on a fence over some railrode tracks
Poster from day 28 with the text "out of order"
No items found.

Limitation sparks creativity

I felt like it was easier for me to create something as I already knew the format and theme I was going for. Additionally, having only until midnight to post, there was not as much time for me to overthink everything I was designing.

The challenge was a great opportunity to improve my skills and test out new ways to design posters. I created the posters using Photoshop and some own tools I built with JavaScript.

Three poster hanging on a green wall near a street