36 DOT

Personal project to experiment with motion and graphic design

Motion & graphic design

Making Letters Move

Every year, hundreds of creatives participate in a global challenge to design their own interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. This challenge, called 36 Days of Type, inspired me to try out new design techniques. And this time I set out to improve my motion design skills and animate every letter and number.

Animation of the numbers 1-9
Animation for Day1 - The Letter A
Animation for the letter O, day 15 of the challenge
Animation for the letter G, day 7 of the challenge
Animation for the letter O, day 9 of the challenge
Still frame of the animation for day 21, letter U
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Motion is fun

Over the 36 Days I got better at using After Effects and could see this improvement reflected in my animations. 36 Days of Type was a fun and challenging project that connected me with a lot of other creators. Β At the end, I was very happy with the results and the alphabet I created. Go check them out on my Instagram page.